6x06 Mafia에서 마이클이 라이언의 말에 영감을 받아 The fundamentals of business라는 제목의 경영서 집필을 시작하는 짧은 씬이 있었다. 그 후 6x21 Happy Hour에서 마이클이 도나에게 허세를 부리는 씬에서 자신은 경영서를 직접 쓴 몸이라며 Somehow I Manage를 처음 소개하였고 7x17 Threat Level Midnight에서 마이클의 취미/관심사 중 하나로 재차 언급하였다. 마이클의 마지막 에피소드인 7x22 Goodbye, Michael에서 사실 이 책이 미완성이라는 사실이 드러났고 극 중 표지와 내용 한 문장을 공개했다. 에피소드 방영 후 NBC The Office 공식 사이트에서 책의 본문을 공개했는데 마이클이 과거 에피소드에 등장했던 사건들을 언급하며 세계 2위의 보스가 될 수 있는 방법을 알려준다.

Chapter One: Introduction

There are all types of managers: financial managers, McDonald's managers, Britney Spears' manager, paper company managers, moms, baseball managers? the list goes on. Not all those people are naturally good at their jobs. Some have to work really hard at it. Others write books about it. I'm Michael Scott and this is my manual, "Somehow I Manage." If you follow my guidelines, soon you'll be the world's second best manager (Sorry, I'll always be #1. I have a mug that proves it.)

Chapter Two: Gum

Everybody likes the guy who offers them a stick of gum[각주:1].


Chapter Three: Think Simple

That last chapter seemed skimpy, huh? That's where you're wrong pal. It was simple. And simple is good. Getting people on your side is as easy as offering them some gum. *Don't ever give your employees Tic Tacs though, that will make you seem like a grandma.

Gum Guy is nice, laid-back and cool. He's the type of manager who people want to hang out with after work and tell their life stories to. And you should tell them your whole life story too! That will make everyone close and happy, and happy families get more stuff done together than enemies do. Just look at Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie - they could be making awesome father/daughter movies, but instead they hate each other and barely talk. Such a missed opportunity.


Chapter Four: Equality

Treat people like equals and always make them feel good about themselves. It will pay off. For example, my ex-friend Packer[각주:2] once implied that my employee Phyllis wasn't hot.

I couldn't have that kind of negativity floating around. So I hugged Phyllis and told her I was worried about getting a boner[각주:3]. It made her feel wonderful. Later on that day she made two big sales. Another time I kissed a gay accountant during a meeting to show how accepting I was of his sexual orientation[각주:4]. He was going to quit before that, but guess what? It's been five years since that kiss, and he's still here.

Chapter Five: Entertain

"For some trips, high-speed rail will be faster than flying. Without the pat down."
Who said it? Cosby? Tosh.0? Nope. Obama! Even the President tells jokes. That just goes to show how important comedy is. As a leader, people expect you to entertain them. Some managers might find this difficult because they're busy doing other things like paperwork or employee reviews. Delegate all that boring stuff to other people so you have more time to entertain. Comedy should always take precedence over everything else because it makes people cheerful, and when they're cheerful they work better. Someone once told me comedy is where the mind goes to tickle itself[각주:5], and that couldn't be truer. Make sure your employees' minds are getting tickled on a daily basis. They'll be so grateful, and so will you.

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  1. 슈마커 2011.05.01 10:36 신고

    머그컵이 세계 최고의 상사라는걸 증명한다니..ㅋㅋ 자기가 직접 산거면서

  2. 엔젤라팬 2011.05.02 06:20 신고

    필리스 한테 했던거는 분위기상 마이클자신이 잘못했다는걸 알아차렸다고 생각했는데,,,,아니었넹 ㅎㅎ 챕터포는 먼가 이상하다 ;;;

    이지엘님 이런 깨알같은 자료 올려주셔서 감사합니다 ~ ㅎㅎ

  3. 김우솝 2011.05.02 10:38 신고

    마이클의 단순함이 잘 반영된

    단순한 문장구조로 이루어진

    심플한 경영서네요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 귀여워라

  4. emily 2011.05.08 02:12 신고

    다른것보다 챕터4ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    정말 사람 사이 상호작용에 대한 자신의 생각이 확고한 것을 다시한번 느끼게 되네요. 필리스를 wonderful~하게 만들어줬다니ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 코드가 맞는 홀리를 만나게 되서 정말 다행인 마이클 ㅠㅠ