1. Kelly & Erin

You’re a male prima donna
But I can’t help but want ‘cha
I’m an independent diva
But I still kinda need ya
Together we’re apart
It’s tearing up my heart
I’m in hell and nirvana
’cause you’re my male Prima Donna

2. Andy

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Once upon a time, she was just a girl, living in this world
Then you came along, with your irresistible charm
You drive a girl wild when you flash that sexy smile
’cause before she met you things were going okay,
So go awaaaaaaay…or staaaaaay!

3. Ryan

They call me Mr. Understood
’cause no one understands me.
But when I spit rhymes
everybody buys my CD.
You get out of the car so slow,
how was I supposed to know?
You keep saying stuff behind my back,
then how come I got the number one track?
I’m the OG prima donna.
My rhymes bite like piranha,
Hotter than a sauna,
Straight out of Lackawannaaaaaa!

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